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Workshops in River Town
16. juunil 2009

1. MUSEUM OF AGRICULTURE – Grinding flour by hand, making dough from flour and bread from dough.
2. ESTONIAN ROAD MUSEUM – Different games for children.
3. TARTU CITY MUSEUM – Tartu inhabitants‘ clothes from different eras.
4. HELLENURME WATERMILL – How did a real windmill used to work and how does it work now? Here you can find the answers to all your questions.
5. RAKVERE CASTLE – If you want to find out how people used to live in an ancient castle, you are very welcome here.
6. REED PIPE WORKSHOP – Making reed pipes according to Ervin Lember’s instructions.
7. NET BRAIDERS – Net braiding workshop.
8. BARGE YARD – Rope braiding, making wooden boats for children, barge rides on River Emajõgi.
9. DUGOUT CANOES YARD – Jaan Keerdo’s dugout canoes workshop.
10. CAROUSEL – A pig, a ram, a cow and a horse are looking forward to taking children for a ride.
11. CAULDRON OF WORRIES – Alternative therapy office of ancient Estonians.
12. WISH TREE – Why waste time on dreaming when an oak or a linden tree can do it for you?
13. BLACKSMITH – You need a knife or a sword? Come by and don’t hesitate to ask.
14. MASTER’S YARD – A corner for little masters for making things.
15. VALGE KÕRTS (White Pub) – Workshops of different artisans, leather, toreautics, blacksmith.
16. ROAST PORK – Come, taste and try how ancient Estonians roasted meat.
17. LANGUAGE OF BIRDS – What are our feathery friends thinking? Come learn and ask yourself.

On the stage:
Bagpipes and zithers, accordions and reed pipes, heaps of hay for sitting and roast pork for eating.