Tartu Hanseatic Days bring wisdom
This years Tartu Hanseatic Days in Estonia carry the slogan “Wisdom is more than riches” and with that Tartu Hanseatic Days want to invite everyone to participate in doing things yourself. In our consumer society many people have forgotten that you can do different things by hand also.
Festivals project manager Ants Johanson finds that the joy of doing things yourself is not gone, it just needs some encouragement: “Making things with your hands for beauty or for necessity puts your mind to work also. Tartu Hanseatic Days offer on one side a possibility to see what other people have made and to take these things with you and on the other hand it offers a possibility to learn how to do things yourself,” says Johanson. He thinks that this is the best time to take your hands out of your pocket.

Visitors have the chance to amend their knowledge in very different areas in 17-19 July. Master classes, workshops and other exciting events are opened for everyone in Tartu Hanseatic Days. In Jaani Town, River Town and Children's and Future Town there are different work shops where visitors can learn medieval dance moves, try medieval handicraft styles, make jewelry in hanseatic style and spend time and learn. There are more tan 60 work shops opened, around 20 in each town.

In Children's and Future Town the students of Tartu Art College introduce different technics to make things with your hands. For example it is possible to paint medieval motives with templates, make jewelry out of clay and everyone have the opportunity to see how they make the woodcut and how they make the portrait.

In Children's and Future Town there are different exiting things for the youngest in the family: trampolines, jumping square, carousels. There are also interesting things for visitors who are interested in future and they can become acquainted with the cars of the new age, opportunities of solar and wind energy and watch the exciting performances of the physicist from the University of  Tartu.

During the three days it is also possible to enjoy different eras in Tartu Hanseatic Days. In Jaani Town where the medieval ages arise there are over 40 shows and presentations, in River Town - town of ancient times - you can just be and enjoy the exhibitions of different museums. In Rae town the contemporary times' town there are dance nights that invite everyone to participate. On the stage you can see and hear brass band Tartu, ensemble Regatt and brass band Estraadiraadio.

Traditional Hansa market gives the visitors an opportunity to see and buy different goods. Tartu Hanseatic Days start with festive opening ceremony which is followed by procession to the Jaani Town. The Knight's Tournament will take place on Saturday 18 July on Toome hill.

Tartu Hanseatic Days are held 14th time on 17-19 July. Tartu Hanseatic Days are supported by the city of Tartu.