Front Page During Hanseatic Days in Tartu Vősu Viis

Vősu viis '09
6. juulil 2009
Vősu viis '09 (Vősu Tune 2009) orchestra gathers in Vősu in July 15-19, 2009 so that conductors, singers and brass instrument players can learn new music making tricks, enjoy the company of fellow musicians and offer the audience a diverse musical experience ranging from opera and symphonic brass music to contemporary, pop and folkloric music. The orchestra brings together musicians from Estonia and Latvia, in front of the orchestra soloists and conductors from Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands and Estonia will do their best.

The concert programme that is put together during the festival will be performed in addition to Vősu also on the main stage of Tartu Hanseatic Days on July 19 at 17:00.

More information: http://www.puhkpy.ee/vosuviis/