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In Estonian National Museum
15. juulil 2009
Picture form ENM's collection
Come and visit the "memorybank" of Estonia - The Estonian National Museum - www.erm.ee. Exhibitions and museum shop (Need something traditional for your wardrobe? Souvenirs? Books? Postcards?) in the ENM's Exhibition House (J. Kuperjanovi 9), The Postal Museum straight in the city centre (free exhibitions all the way+ workshops), for walk in the park go to Raadi manor park (Narva mnt 177) - open air photo exhibition - possibility to see the Estonians as they are, a lot of space to have a picnic and spend an hour or two by the lake).

Friday, 17.07 at 14-16 Estonian National Museum Exhibition House (J. Kuperjanovi 9, Tartu) – open free of charge
Friday, 17.07 – Sunday, 19.07 at 11-18 Scriptorium at ENM's Postal Museum (writing with a pen made of geese feathers or ordinary pens)

Friday, 17.07 at 18-23; Saturday at 10-20 and Sunday 10-17 Making paper in front of the ENM’s Postal Museum (Rüütli 15)
Saturday, 18.07 – Sunday, 19.07 at 14.00 Raadi manor park open free of charge.
Excursion at 2pm (in Estonian) (Narva mnt 177, Tartu) Ticket 15.-
Picture form ENM's collection